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Episode #001: Welcome to The Brand & Business Lens

Apr 14, 2020

This Episode

Kwame & Monifa

You Will Learn

  • The reason why the podcast got delayed.
  • What’s the purpose of the podcast.
  • The format and time for this show.
  • The host and Co-host for this show.
  • How you can support the show.

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Episode #001: Welcome to The Brand & Business Lens

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast which is an overview of what to expect with upcoming episodes and is also a chance for me to apologize for teasing the podcast for over a year.

As they always say; it’s better late than never. I hope this podcast will be worth the wait.


[03:25] This purpose of the show.

[03:55] Why the podcast got delayed.

[04:22] The format of the podcast.

[05:29] Monifa’s interviews.

[06:45] How can you support the podcast.

Show Notes

Today being our very first episode, I would like to tell you about the format of the show and what to expect during the lovely time we will spending together.

The B&B lens podcast is a show that shares actionable strategies for building brands & Businesses we love and deserve.

The show is in two formats;
Solo episodes like the one you’re listening now and interview episodes by the lovely Monifa my Cohost.

Also the show is gonna be on each and every Tuesday so watch out.

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