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Episode #002: Identifying Your Brand’s Purpose

Apr 21, 2020

This Episode

Kwame & Monifa

You Will Learn

  • What a brand purpose is.
  • The reason behind the rise of brand purpose.
  • The difference between Purpose, Vision and Mission.
  • Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Find Your Why
  • Roy Spence’s It’s not what you sell, It’s what You stand for.
  • Brand Purpose Statement.

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Episode #002: Identifying Your Brand’s Purpose

Times are changing. When choosing brands to do business with, today’s consumers care about more than just what products or services they offer—they care about what kind of impact brands are making in the world. And if you want to take your brand to the next level, you need a sense of purpose—a sense of purpose your audience truly connects to.


[02:18] What is a purpose?

[03:23] Difference between Purpose, Vision and a Mission statement.

[04:22] Lens of Kwame brand purpose,, vision and mission statements.

[05:54] How to find your purpose.

[07:15] A brand purpose statement.


Show Notes

This week, i wanna talk about why it is so important to identify your brand’s purpose before you start building your brand or business.

In this episode, We talk about how to identify your brand’s purpose, the difference between a purpose statement, vision statement and a mission statement.
We also look at how to write a brand purpose statement.
Hope you enjoy the episode and feel free to follow us on all social media to continue with the conversation.

Now i want to turn it over to you. Are you building a purpose-driven brand in 2020?

Have you identified your brand’s purpose yet?

Remember that, as long as consumers want brands to impact the world positively, purpose will become a growing necessity for most brands.

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