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Episode #003: Who Are You Really Serving?

Apr 22, 2020

This Episode

Kwame & Monifa

You Will Learn

  • Identifying who you really serve.
  • Knowing the difference between a target market and target audience.
  • Categorizing your audience using demographics and psychographics.
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Creating a postioning statement.

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Episode #003: Who Are You Really Serving?

Every brand or business out there is supposed to solve a problem of a want or a need. Whether you’re selling makeup products or building websites, both businesses have one thing in common. That’s serving a particular group of people who have a desire to experience an outcome that can only be provided by these businesses.


[04:13] Ama’s path to discovering her target  audience.

[06:01] Identifying your target market.

[06:54] Target audience.

[07:26] Demographics and psychographics tools.

[09:40] Ideal Customer Avatar.

[10:05] A brand positioning statement.

Show Notes

This week I wanna talk one of the most important topics that’s dear to my heart. Which is :

Who do you serve? Or who are your target audience?

One of the most important questions I ask all the clients we’ve ever worked with is:

Who are you trying to serve or who are your target audience?

And 9 out of 10, I end up getting the same answer which is:

Everyone is our customer.

We all want to be everything to everyone .

The ultimate question every brand should ask is:

What group of people have the greatest desire to acquire the outcome that our solution provides?

The answer to this question is going help you identify the category or industry you want to serve, your target market, your target audience, your target group and finally your ideal customer avatar or audience persona.

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