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Learn with Kwame

We all have our preferred ways to learn and grow… What’s yours?

Do you know what you need & what to learn and have the self-discipline to follow through? or do you like to get some guidance, yet learn without any pressure?

Or are you the type (like me) who prefer to have someone beside them to keep pushing their ego  just enough to break through their own self-doubt?


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Featured Courses



Ready to learn WordPress? Our step-by-step course is great for beginners and pros alike.

divi theme


Learn how to build custom design websites with the most popular wordpress Theme  Divi.



Create a beautiful online store and start selling online. 


made easy

A short video series for simplifying branding to make it as easy and simple as we can.

module 1

brand clarity

In order to gain clarity, you need to get to the core of your brand and define its foundational elements.

module 2

brand positioning

Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer’s mind.

module 3

brand expression

The visual expression of your brand, which is more than just selecting colors and shapes. It is a language, like music, that speaks to people directly with great meaning.

module 4

brand relevancy

I believe brands need to stand out, not just by being different, but by being both personally relevant and emotionally important to people.

start your own

podcast for free

Your complete guide to recording and launching a podcast to grow your brand & business for free.



List Building

Master Class

Start and grow your email list using my proven strategies and techniques

linkedin for


From entrepreneurs to marketers, right from day one, LinkedIn always has been the go-to source for building a professional network online.

Social Media


Identify the platforms best for your business and build a profile that stands out

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