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Your entrepreneurial stage says a lot about where your focus should be. Understanding the phase you’re in will help you identify what you need to grow. Often, we’ll see entrepreneurs who are focused on systemizing, when they should working on their next sale or spending too much time focused on the minutiae when they should be growing a team.

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The Entrepreneurial Journey  #TheTribe

How Do I know If I’m Doing The Right Thing ?

Take the Entrepreneurial Journey Quiz to …
  • Learn what stage you are in on the entrepreneurial journey

  • Identify where your time is best spent

  • Focus on the right systems and strategies

  • Know what is needed to move a needle in your business.

  • Get a road map for building  your  brand & business

Validation Stage

At this stage, you’re just starting out with your entrepreneurial journey so you must have the right mindset, identify your purpose, gain clarity and validate your business idea. 

Kick-off Stage

The kick off stage is where the actual work begins. That is where you build your brand & business on a great foundation. It’s all about setting up the structures for your brand & business to be ready for your launch.

Learning Stage

It’s time to get your hands dirty and put your systems to test in the real world. This is what we normally call the hustle phase where you hustle until you identify what works in your business. You will need all the perseverance in the world since this is the most difficult part of the journey.

Growth Stage

Congrats! You’re not that far from having the brand and business you love and deserve. During this stage, it’s all about streamlining the processes, systems & strategies that works in your business and quickly drop all the ones that are no longer of any use in your business. This is the efficiency stage where if done right, we can move to the success phase of the journey.

Success Stage

Wow, we made it. It’s time for celebration. This is what you’ve always dreamt of having. Now that you’ve achieved success, let’s reclaim our time and invest back into the business to scale our profits. This is the phase where your business can run without much involvement from you. You can the chance to work on your business but not in your business to look for the next higher height.

Scale up Stage

Now, the sky is the limit. It’s time to build an empire beyond you. This is the stage where you can replicate your success exponentially. At this stage your business is on autopilot where you’ve been able to empower people to run your business without you being involved in the day – to – day activities. It’s all about empowering and impacting the world significantly.

Work with  Kwame


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And now I know it is way different...

As a serial Entrepreneur, I was of the impression that If I knew how to make money then that’s all that matters… but now I’m trying to build a brand!!! And now I know it is way different… 

 I now know how to define my brand and so much more!!! 

Monifa St John – Co-Founder @ Eden Amore, LLC

The essentials and basics of your brand.

You’ve got an idea, and there are so many ways that you think you can execute it and so many things (services) that you want to provide. But not all of those services are essential to the growth of your organisation.

Kwame makes you question why you do what you want to do. At the end of the day, what do you get? A more focused effort to the essentials and basics of your organisation/brand. 

Babusi Clint – Co Founder @ Goal Four Foundation

Kwame gave me more than I asked for...

Having all the great ideas in my head, but unable to express it to others. The first call from Kwame challenged me in a way forcing me to dig deeper than what I thought I wanted. The fact that Kwame cared about the whole of my business and gave me more than I asked for, made my day… 

Yanetta – Owner @ Iilon_Lifestyle

For every entrepreneur that works with Kwame, we will give a micro-loan to another striving entrepreneur from Kiva to help them grow and succeed.

What is Kiva?

Microloans For Entrepreneurs Doing Amazing Things

As a non-profit organization, enables people in any location to act as Internet-based lenders to fund low-income entrepreneurs and students in more than 80 different countries.

Kiva’s primary goal and mission is “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

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